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dj Smoove presents: My Vibe... Vol. 1
December 21, 2019 02:03 PM PST
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Well, it's just about the end of the year, so I wanted to make a mix I rarely share with the public. Thanks for all the support, and let's make 2020 even better!

Just some RnB and Hip/Hop I've been feeling over the past year that I mixed right after work, and this is an example of what I like to spin at The Royale Cigar Lounge on Saturday nights in Columbus, Ohio.

I hope you dig, and feel free to share and stop by sometime for Ladies Night. Peace!

(1)"Come Thru" ~ Summer Walker ft. Usher; (2)"BMO Break Me Off" ~ Ari Lennox; (3)"Location" ~ Khalid; (4)"Whatever You Need" ~ Meek Mill ft. Chris Brown; (5)"Heat" ~ Chris Brown ft. Gunna;(6)"I Want You" ~ Snoh Aalegra; (7)"What You Won't Do" ~ Savannah Cristina; (8)"On Chill" ~ Wale ft. Jeremih; (9)"Wreckless" ~ Lyrica Anderson ft. French Montana; (10)"All Night Long" ~ YFN Lucci ft. Trey Songz; (11)"24-7" ~ Meek Mill ft. Ella Mai; (12)"Love You Better" ~ Chris Brown; (13)"You" ~ Nicole Bus; (14)"Boo'd Up" ~ Ella Mai; (15)"Yernin" ~ Sevyn Streeter; (16)"No Guidance" ~ Chris Brown ft Drake; (17)"The Light" ~ Jeremih ft. Ty Dolla $ign; (18)"Gonna Love Me" ~ Teyana Taylore ft. Ghostface; Method Man & Raekwon; (19)"Summatime" ~ GoldLink ft Wale & Radiant Child; (20)"Hennessy" ~ Mack Wilds; (21)"How Do You Want It" ~ Teyana Taylor ft King Combs; (22)"Something Real" ~ Summer Walker ft Chris Brown & London; (23)"Good Together" ~ Shay Lia; (24)"Don't Waste My Time" ~ Usher ft. Ella Mai

Chocolate Soul presents: Sexy & Soulful Vol. 14 ~ Mixed by dj Smoove
October 04, 2019 12:05 PM PDT
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As promised, here's another soulful house music mix. I hope you dig the vibes, and spread the good words: Good Music Lives.

(1)"Bloody Lucky" ~ Monique Bingham; (2)"I Wanna Know" ~ Smallistic, Villa; (3)"Every Word" ~ Temika Moore, Josh Milan; (4)"Hands Of Time" ~ Gino Strike, Earl W. Green; (5)"Blow My Mind" ~ George Lesley, Earl W. Green; (6)"You Give Me Love" ~ Artwork, Unqle Chriz; (7)"What Is Love" ~ Vivian Green; (8)"Dance" ~ 3 Winans Brothers ft. The Clark Sisters; (9)"It's House Music" ~ Lady Alma; (10)"The Time Is Coming" (Atjazz Love Soul Dub) ~ The Power Of Three, Vanessa Freeman; (11)"Low" ~ Cubique DJ CB, Denny Dugg; (12)"Love Of My Life" ~ Zepherin Saint & Nathan Adams

Chocolate Soul Presents: Sexy & Soulful Vol. 13 mixed by dj Smoove
September 23, 2019 04:55 PM PDT
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To tell you the truth, I just want an opportunity to play in cities that appreciate this type of vibe. Until then, I'll just keep practicing.

I hope you dig the vibe, and thanks again for taking the time to listen.

If you dig what you hear, feel free to pass along the mix. Peace #GoodMusicLives

(1)"Wish I Didn't Miss You"~ Tasha LaRae, dj Spen, dj Beloved (2)"My Love Song"~ Distant People ft. Nickson; (3)"Fast Lane"~ Sculptured Music ft Zano; (4)"Be Yourself"~ Guri Guri Boys ft. Josh Milan; (5)"Do It"~ Bah Samba ft. Monique Bingham; (6)"Isn't It A Shame"~ Tracy Hamlin, Thommy Davis, David Harness, dj Spen; (7)"Stuck On You"~ Carissa Nicole ft. Reggie Steele; (8)"The Wedding Dance"~ Kelly G. ft. Al Green; (9)"My Love"~ Jill Scott; (10)"It's So"~ Los Charly's Orchestra ft. Omar

Chocolate Soul Presents: Sexy & Soulful Vol. 12 mixed by dj Smoove
September 15, 2019 11:31 PM PDT
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Just another mix for my ride... I hope you enjoy. If you dig what you hear, let me know. Peace.

(1)"Love Will Know" ~ Elements of Live (Roots Mix); (2)"Butterflies" (Tribe Vocal Mix) ~ Zepherin Saint ft. Miranda Nicole; (3)"Just Call" ~ V & Lady Alma; (4)"Complicated" ~ Ralf Gum Ft. Kafele; (5)"Your Body"(Louie Vega EOL Mix) ~ Josh Milan; (6)"Hey Lover" (Josh Grooves Remix) ~ Aisling Iris; (7)"Packing For Chicago"(Terry Hunter Remix) ~ Zo!, Muhsinah; (8)"How Do I Let Go"(Doug Gomez Merecumbe Soul Remix) ~ Dennis Ferrer, K.T. Brooks; (9)"Blessed & Grateful"(BlackBall Main Mix) ~ dj Randall Smooth, T.S.O.N., Mike Dunn; (10)"Keep Wondering"(Kelly G. Shelter Mix) ~ Kelly G. ft. Gladys Knight

Chocolate Soul Presents: Sexy & Soulful Vol. 11 mixed by dj Smoove
September 09, 2019 08:33 AM PDT
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Once again, thank you for tuning in all these years, for I appreciate each and every one of you that take the time to listen and spread the good word.

Seems like more and more local djs are willing to incorporate House Music in their sets, and maybe one day we can convince our local radio stations to let us spin on Sundays & Holiday Weekends. (Looking at you Magic 95.5!)

September 2019 marks an entire year of spinning at The Royale Cigar Lounge, where I love to spin Lounge and Soulful House music on Friday nights. I hope a mix such as this encourages more people to accept this type of vibe in the coming years in Columbus, Ohio.

If you dig the mix, stay tuned for more in the very near future, and feel free to leave a comment. Peace!

(1)"Closer" ~ dj Spinna ft Nathan Adams; (2)"I Put A Spell On You" (Honeycomb Mix) ~ Honeysweet; (3)"Let It Fall" (Harlum Mix) ~ The Rainmakers ft. Lady Alma; (4)"It's Love" (Frankie Feliciano's Classic Vocal) ~ Josh Milan; (5)"Whenever You're Around" ~ Jill Scott; (6)"Harvest For The World pt 2" (Dave Harness Remix) ~ Groove Junkies ft. Nichelle Monroe; (7)"Rocket Love" (Louie Vega Remix) ~ Sean McCabe ft. Dannis Winston & Lem Springsteen; (8)"Gold" (Shannon Chambers 1Sound Remix) ~ Kaye Fox; (9)"Leave It Smokin" (Terry Hunter Club Mix) ~ Tamia; (10)"Guess Who Loves You More" (Kenny Dope Main Remix) ~ Raheem DeVaughn

Chocolate Soul Presents: South of the Equator mixed by dj Smoove
March 24, 2019 11:43 AM PDT
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Well, here's another mix that I've been sitting on for quite some time. When I think of all the other types of music that come from countries south of the equator, they all have one thing in common: The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. No matter what the style of the music is considered today, they all originated in the Motherland.

If you're fortunate to travel to these countries, take the time to take in the music culture. I can't wait to get to Cuba personally. Peace and I hope you enjoy what you hear.

(1)"Live Your Life For Today" ~ Elements of Life, Josh Milan, Louie Vega; (2)"Oasi" ~ Nipkoss, Luyo; (3)"Rhythm Is Life" ~ Doug Gomez, Soulzak; (4)"Titled Love" ~ Those Boys, Doug Gomez; (5)"La Vida" ~ Mi Casa; (6)"El Musica" ~ KB; (7)"Inspiracin Del Corazn" ~ Vick Lavender; (8)"Cuba Libre" ~ dj Angelo, Da Mike, Cristian Vinci; (9)"Mi Congo Te Llama" ~ Eddie Palmieri; (10)"Orisha Scat" ~ Myles Bigelow, Oveous, Maraca; (11)"Dope" ~ Giomorales

Chocolate Soul Presents: 74 Minutes of Bliss... Mixed by dj Smoove
March 17, 2019 09:30 PM PDT
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For close to 12 years since my "partner in crime" dj Vibe introduced me to The Rurals (Hello Nina lol) and a French dj named Cam, I've been on a mission to expose the residents of where I reside (Columbus, Ohio) to the sexier side of Lounge; Nu~Soul; Soulful House; and most recently Afro House music.

I've been fortunate to spin at an Upscale Cigar Lounge for the last 6 months, and I think the above styles of music fit the venue perfectly. I just hope I can continue to spin through the Summer.

This mix is an example of the style I would play early on in my set or during a day party, but you just might enjoy this mix during a ride out of town. Can't wait to visit the studio in Detroit soon!

I hope you dig what you hear, and let me know in the comments. #GoodMusicLives

(1)"Just Like Love" ~ Chieko Kinbara, Josh Milan; (2)"Zvinosiririsa" ~ Mzee; (3)"Upright Love" ~ E.O.L. Soulfrito; (4)"Dia de Sol" ~ DJ Kent, Jimmy Dudlu; (5)"A Better Way" ~ Wipe The Needle; (6)"Fly Away" ~ zOGRi; (7)"Falling" ~ Louie Vega ft. Nathan Adams; (8)"We Are One" ~ Black Coffee ft. Hugh Masekela; (9)"Lovely Day" ~ M.Caporale, Sean Ali, Pietro Nicosia; (10)"Change" ~ Monodeluxe ft. Jaidene Veda

Chocolate Soul presents: Sexy & Soulful Vol 10 mixed by dj Smoove
March 17, 2019 11:41 AM PDT
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Hello again, and thanks for tuning in. I recorded this at the Cigar Lounge, and was getting into it by the end. Man I wanted to spin til 2am.

I love Soulful House Music. Beautiful music arrangements, positive lyrics, and positive vibes. How can you not enjoy music like this? Can't wait to play in this in my ride.

Hope you dig the mix and there are more to come. #GoodMusicLives


(1)"I Like It" ~ Deep Xcapeft Oscar; (2)"Love Of My Life" ~ Wipe The Needle ft Sheree Hicks; (3)"Don't Leave Me" ~ Cee ElAssaad, Soultronixx, Unqle Chriz; (4)"All Of Me & All Of You" ~ Vick Lavender, Marcus Austin, Spike Rebel; (5)"Find My Way" ~ DJ Beloved, Tasha LaRae; (6)"What You Do For Me" ~ Lou Gorbea, Kenny Bobien; (7)"Resting Place" ~ Mark Francis, Aaron K Gray; (8)"Hamba" ~ DJ Micks ft. Lebohang; (9)"Is It Love" ~ Typheni; (10)"Love,Lies,Life" ~ Ollie Brooke ft Kylie Auldist & Damond Grant

Chocolate Soul presents: The Essential Soul of Joey Negro mixed by dj Smoove
March 11, 2019 05:56 AM PDT
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Another mix from the mind of Dino...

As I get older, I reminisce on the music my Aunts and Uncles would introduce me to when I spent time with them over the summers. My Uncle Alvin and Aunt Joanne in Baton Rouge, Lousiana, Aunt Rita and Uncle James in Flint, Michigan. I would sit in Aunt Gloria's car and act like I was driving with just the ignition switched on and jammin to her 8-Track collections. There were times we'd babysit ourselves while they went out, and my cousins and I would raid through their records. Miss those days... Anywho, I also wish I had access to music like this as a teenager, and after serving in the Army. Radio Stations are so limited based on where you live and if only at least for a Sunday (weekly) go back and teach folk all the music they may have never heard... Thanks Joey. I'll keep researching as long as I have a heartbeat. Hope you dig the mix.

(1) "Way Back When" ~ Brenda Russell (2) "Going Up In Smoke" ~ Eddie Kendricks (3) "Circles" ~ Atlantic Starr (4) "Straight From The Heart" ~ Loose Change (5) "You Know How To Love Me" ~ Phyllis Hyman (6) "Cosmic Lust" ~ Mass Production (7) "Come Go With Me" ~ Pockets (8) "Over & Over" ~ Ashford & Simpson (9) "Everybody Dance" ~ Chic (10) "Bad Mouthin" ~ Motown Sounds (11) "Message In Our Music" ~ The O'Jays

Chocolate Soul presents: Smoke, Sip, and Chill... mixed by dj Smoove
March 01, 2019 07:32 AM PST
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You ever sleep so well, the next morning you want to record a mix? It happens.

Since late September of 2018, I've been spinning at this upscale Cigar Lounge in Columbus, Ohio and for the longest, I've wanted to spin my version of Lounge Music.

So, here's an example of how I get down on Fridays and Saturdays...

I hope you enjoy the vibes, and come see me sometime at The Royale Cigar Lounge.


(1)"Wilderness" ~ Renee Dion; (2)"Just Love" ~ Erik Rico & Marc Mac; (3)"Yellow Daisies"(Nicola Conte Rework) ~ Fertile Ground; (4)"Betray My Heart" (Dino Soccio Edit) ~ D'Angelo; (5)"I Wasn't Kidding" ~ Angie Stone; (6)"Mastered The Art" (Nicola Conte Jet Sounds Remix) ~ Greyboy; (7)"Lovery" (Slow Cuban Vibe) ~ Kiko Navarro & Tuccillo ft. Amor; (8)"Tambores Te Llaman" ~ Osunlade ft Carlos Mena; (9)"Sending My Love" (Ian Wallace Remix) ~ Zhane; (10)"Rock With You" (Afro Brazilian Remix) ~ Michael Jackson ft Adam Rafferty; (11)"Found Love" (Shrine dj Vocal Mix) ~ Blaze; (12)"Breaking" ~ Tonic HD; (13)"Vibrations" (Devine Signature) ~ Children of Zeus

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